Makes, farming simple.

Abomin revolutionizes the way of doing 100% natural agriculture.

Nitron s a leading American raw material company in the agricultural fertiliser sector, as well as one of the main buyers of various products from European and Baltic countries, China, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Product sourcing:
Nitrates: Urea, ammonia-urea, ammonia, ammonium sulphate
Phosphites: DAP, MAP, SSP, TSP
Potassium: Granules, potassium sulphate
Special products: water-soluble products, sulphates, wheat, Abomin, feed

Revenue approx.
2,4 bln
7,2 mln
Credit line with a financial institution of
over 850 mln
Present on all
5 continents


Where you can find Abomin

Abomin is a project developed by Nitron, a company that was the first to grasp the enormous potential of this product, which is now used in 10 countries on the European continent and is continuing to spread.