Solutions that are simple to choose, quick to use.

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By eliminating chemical nutrition, you will discover all the benefits a soil can bring to your crops. You will have more fertile soils and healthier fruit, while fully respecting nature.

Time is money, optimizing time is saving money.

Abomin is the solution that is good for your plants, your time, and your wallet.

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100% natural and fully complies with all regulations required. richieste .

What they say about Abomin

We asked some farmers to tell us what they thought of Abomin after having used it on their crops.
Tornello dr. GiuseppeCoragro Srl
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We have seen that the constant use of the Abomin line as a fertiliser in the soil succeeds in reducing the occurrence of micro deficiencies in crops (citrus fruits and vines) and, in addition, gives a balanced vegetative-productive growth of the crop without moments of stress.
Maurizio SimoneDoctor Farmer Srl
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I have been using and recommending Abomin's line for years because it recovers soils from fatigue and intoxication, balances plants, and allows me, without using chemical fertilisers, to achieve unprecedented quality yields and healthier, stronger plants. With Abomin my customers save money and are happy for profit, quality, and their plants.
Vito PanzaniAz. Agr. Panzani (Bari)
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Since 2018, I have been using Abomin Pro on Vittoria table grape varieties. I have experienced good results and have eliminated the use of fertilisers such as urea phosphate. Excellent results in the reduction of Acinino and excellent fruit quality in terms of size and colour. Excellent result also in early production.